When storing a wetsuit make sure it is completely dry, inside and out. Hang it the right-side out on a wide-shouldered hanger to avoid overstretching the shoulders, or on a horizontal hanger folded at the waist.

Store it in a cool dry area to ensure that it will be fresh for its next use. Avoid folding or rolling it, as over extended periods spent like this can crease the wetsuit!

Sit back with the Simpel Crew

Simpel wetsuits in Antarctica with Joseph Harding

We caught up with Joseph Harding to hear more about his recent trip to Antarctica. A trip he embarked on with a small group of individuals who made their way...

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Joseph Harding + Simpel.

Joseph Harding is a talented young surfer from Southwest England. He grew up in the UK but has spent a lot of time traveling searching for waves with and without his...

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What is Simpel Entry?

Our conscientious design spans across many elements of our suits, but one of our proudest features is Simpel Entry. As our aim is to maximise the life span of each...

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