What sets Simpel apart from other brands?

We emerged from a group of passionate surfers who have decades of experience in the industry. Our primary focus is on creating wetsuits that offer unparalleled warmth, comfort and durability. Learn more about Our Story here.

Can I recycle my old wetsuit with you?

Yes! We've partnered with Circular Flow to offer our wetsuit upcycling and recycling service. Learn more here.

Do you offer international shipping for wetsuits outside the UK?

We have a dedicated European store for European customers. If you are outside of the UK or EU we can certainly ship to you, please contact us to find out more.

What is the return and exchange policy for wetsuits bought online?

We offer a 30 day returns policy, if you wish to return your item, please see our returns policy for more details.

What warranty does Simpel offer?

Simpel Offers a 365 day warranty on its wetsuits for manufacturing and material faults. Learn more here.

Can I change my wetsuit for another size?

yes, if you have tried your suit on and it does not fit we are happy to exchange it for the correct size. Please note we cannot exchange if the item is not fit for resale, please try the item on before using it to make sure it fits.

How quickly can you ship my new wetsuit?

Monday - Friday: We ship the same day if orders are received before 12 noon

Otherwise it will be shipped the next working day. Please note bank holidays will effect this.


Do you have a guide on how to care for my wetsuit to ensure its longevity?

Yes, we encourage everyone to take proper care of their wetsuit as doing so will increase the lifespan of every wetsuit. To find out more take a look at our wetsuit care guide.

What wetsuit thickness do you recommend for winter surfing?

For cold winter waters we recommend our winter wetsuit range, including the 5mm or 6mm hooded wetsuit for added warmth.

How do I choose the right wetsuit thickness for UK waters?

We Recommend either a 3mm or 4mm for the summer and either a 5mm or 6mm for the winter depending on how much you feel the cold. if you feel the cold or you live in the north, you definitely want to consider the thicker options.

Do you offer both men's and women's wetsuits?

We currently offer a range of men's wetsuits, our women's wetsuits are in development. You can learn more about our women's wetsuits here.

Are your wetsuits sustainable?

Simpel wetsuits have been designed with a focus on durability. We believe the best approach is to maximise the life span of a wetsuit, minimising consumption and in turn reducing landfill waste and wasted energy. All wetsuits require a considerable amount of energy to make and we cant overlook that, that's why we choose Yamamoto neoprene, they maticulously build high quality, highly durabe materials and use renewable energy during their production to reduce emmitions. In addition, we have partnered with Circular Flow who find alternatives to landfill by recycling wetsuits. We also support the Ocean Conservation Trust who run ocean conservation projects, restoring habitats, encouraging biodiversity, improving water quality, absorbing carbon, and produce much needed oxygen.

Do you offer wetsuits with hoods?

Yes, our 6mm hooded wetsuit has an integral thermal lined hood.

What are the benefits of a Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit?

Our wetsuits are made from high-quality Yamomoto neoprene, known for it's lightweight, warmth, flexibility and durability. It offers unparalleled performance in water.

Do you offer other surfing essentials, like wetsuit boots and gloves?

Our collection of wetsuit accessories will be launching soon. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Are your wetsuits UV-resistant?

Simpel wetsuit are constructed with UV stabilisers, this improves the life span of the wetsuit by reducing the impact of UV on the material. From a users perspective, they provide a great barrier from UV.

What's the difference between double-lined and single-lined wetsuits?

Double-Lined Neoprene:

Construction: Double-lined neoprene consists of two layers of neoprene with a fabric lining on both the inside and outside. The neoprene layers are typically laminated to the fabric.

Purpose: Double-lined neoprene is primarily used in wetsuits for its enhanced insulation and durability. It provides excellent warmth by trapping a thin layer of water between the neoprene and the skin, which the body then warms up. It is well-suited for colder water temperatures.
Single-Lined Neoprene:

Construction: Single-lined neoprene, in some contexts, refers to neoprene with a smooth, rubbery exterior surface and no fabric lining on the outside. This smooth exterior is also known as ""smoothskin"" neoprene.

Purpose: Single-lined neoprene with a smooth exterior is great for wind resistance but is mainly used in wetsuits for its hydrodynamic properties. It reduces drag in the water, making it ideal for activities like swimming and triathlons. It is not intended for maximum warmth and is typically used in wetsuits designed for warmer water conditions.

Can I swim in a surf wetsuit from your collection?

While our wetsuits are primarily designed for surfing, they can certainly be used for swimming.

What is the difference between a surf wetsuit and a swimming wetsuit?

Surf wetsuits are usually a little thicker (typically from 2mm through to 6mm), providing extra insulation for cold water, have a more relaxed fit, reinforced areas for comfort in paddling, featuring back or chest zippers. Swim wetsuits are usually thinner (1-5mm) and have a smooth skin outer, designed for buoyancy and reduced drag in open water swimming, offer a snug fit, and typically have back or front zippers for quick entry and exit. The choice between them depends on your water activity and conditions. if you're a serious swimmer then you may want to look for a swim specific suit, however if you just enjoy the odd casual swim a surf wetsuit will work just fine!

Do you offer custom-sized wetsuits?

All of Simpel wetsuits come in a full range of sizes that cover just about any body shape and size. However if you are struggling to find a size that you think would fit, one of our team can help you find the suit for you. Contact us today to discuss your perfect size.

Do you offer wetsuits for children or teens?

Yes, our men's and women's wetsuits are suitable for teens, however we currently do not offer children's wetsuits. We do plan to add them to our offering soon, please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

I’m new to surfing. Do you offer a beginner's range?

Simpel wetsuits are designed for surfers of all abilities. If you need advice please feel free to contact one of the team, we are more than happy to help!