Launching Autumn 2024

We're working on something...

We're thrilled to share that we're currently in the process of crafting a wetsuit exclusively designed for women.

Our aim is to create a women's wetsuit that offers unparalleled comfort and confidence without sacrificing performance. While it's not quite ready, we want you to know that the time invested in perfecting it will be worth every second of the wait.

Our women's wetsuits are not just another product to us. They're being meticulously built and are soon to be tested in the most demanding ocean conditions by a select group of devoted female surfers. These women have immersed themselves in the sea, gaining a real insights into what truly makes a wetsuit exceptional.

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While our devoted female surfers do their bit on the ground, we're soon going to be asking for your thoughts too.

Our women's wetsuits are scheduled to be released in autumn 2024. This timeline provides our designers with a crucial window of opportunity to design, test and refine our product, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the needs of our female surfers.

To get everything just right, we wholeheartedly invite our female surfers to participate in our survey. Your input will be invaluable in understanding what you consider important in a wetsuit.

We would love for you to help shape this exciting journey. If you express your interest by signing up above we'll let you know as soon as our survey is ready for you.

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