Simpel Wetsuits & Ocean Conservation Trust

Diving in to a more sustainable future

At Simpel, we believe in going beyond the surface. We're not just about crafting high-performance wetsuits; we're dedicated to supporting a thriving ocean ecosystem. That's why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust, a remarkable organisation at the forefront of marine conservation, with a focus that extends across Europe and beyond.

Seagrass planting

Planting seagrass worldwide

One of the cornerstones of our partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust is their commitment to seagrass planting programs, which spans not only the UK but also European coastlines. Seagrass meadows are vital habitats that provide shelter for countless marine species and help combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. The Trust's seagrass restoration projects are meticulously executed, with thousands of seeds planted to revive ecosystems, improve water quality, reduce the greenhouse effect, along with many other benefits.

Nicola Bridge, the Head of Ocean Advocacy and Engagement at Ocean Conservation Trust and President of the European Marine Science Educators’ Association network, is at the helm of this educational initiative. Her work directly contributes to ocean education efforts across Europe. Nicola Bridge and her team secured a Horizon 2020 funding bid titled "Ocean Literacy 4 All," aimed at raising ocean literacy levels across Europe. This demonstrates the Trust's commitment to educating and engaging communities about marine conservation on a continental scale.


Inspiring responsibility through education

Through the National Marine Aquarium, a part of the Ocean Conservation Trust, we inspire responsibility and highlight marine conservation's importance across all ages. The Trust's mission emphasises that awareness is the driver of change, and they achieve this through educational programs that transcend borders. They believe in educating the younger generation as well as adults, spreading the message of ocean conservation far and wide.

Working together

Collaboration and collective action

Collaborations with communities, volunteers, and marine scientists further amplify the Trust's impact. These collaborations extend beyond national boundaries, promoting collective action. Together, they monitor seagrass growth, conduct vital research, and raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation worldwide.

A beacon for marine ecosystems

A brighter future for oceans and beyond

The Ocean Conservation Trust stands as a beacon for marine ecosystems. They prove that a committed group can pave the way to a brighter future for oceans and beyond.

How can you help?

Do your bit with the Ocean Conservation Trust

If you would like to find out more about how you can actively support the preservation of our precious marine environments and the collective effort to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans please join our newsletter or visit the Ocean Conservation Trust's website.

Get involved

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