Simpel is an independent wetsuit company that's been developed by a collective of like-minded surfers with a true passion and decades of experience in wetsuits. We are dedicated to crafting wetsuits that prioritise warmth, comfort and durability.

Our Story

6/4mm & 5/4mm Winter Wetsuits

Designed with simplicity, crafted with passion. Our 6/4mm and 5/4mm winter wetsuits are light, flexible and highly durable.

High stretch
Ripstop lining

Fast dry
thermal lining

Simpel Entry

Our Simpel Entry system is designed and built to make getting your wetsuit on and off as easy and fast as possible reducing your time in the cold and maintaining your core warmth.

Enhanced back panel

An enhanced single lined smooth skin back panel. Our unique wetsuit design minimises seams, improves wind protection and keeps you warmer for longer.

Proven design

We take the time to make sure every single wetsuit has been meticulously tested and refined. This critical feedback process allows us to refine our wetsuits before they go into production.

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Simpel Men's 5/4mm Wetsuit
Simpel Men's 5/4mm Wetsuit
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