Washing your wetsuit

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water inside and out to remove the salt, sand and any other contaminants that over time can build up and ruin the wetsuits material, components and its performance.

You can either wash your wetsuit with a hose or by submerging it in a large bucket of fresh water. DO NOT to wash your wetsuit with hot water, high temperatures can affect the materials and glues used. 

Although a regular freshwater rinse will do a good job of keeping the wetsuit clean and functional, specific Wetsuit Shampoo’s such as that by McNett can help reduce odours that may build up over time. We recommend this at the point you retire a wetsuit as the seasons change. 

DO NOT wash your Simpel neoprene product in a washing machine. Aside from the tumbling in the washing drum that can damage the neoprene, the heat of the water and detergents used will certainly break down the glues used and weaken the neoprene. 

Drying your wetsuit

A wetsuit is best dried in the shade out of direct sunlight as UV and direct/intense heat will affect the fabrics flexibility and durability. To fully dry the wetsuit, it is important that once one side of the wetsuit has naturally dried, the wetsuit is turned so the other surface can then dry in the same manner. 

DO NOT dry your Simpel neoprene product in a Tumble Drier. Aside from the tumbling in the drier that can damage the neoprene, the heat of a dryer could melt the material and certainly break down the glues used. 

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