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Why did Simpel choose to partner with Yamamoto?

As a team we have spent our lives surfing predominantly in fridged climates and we therefore understand the importance of having a wetsuit that functions in a way that keeps you excited to surf, not dreading the thought of it.

Having a material that is flexible is key to ensuring you can move properly in thicker rubber which is very much needed in cold climates. There's nothing worse than feeling restricted in a thick wetsuit, using vital energy and making paddling and catching waves a chore.

A material that dries quickly is also key, nobody wants to pick up their wetsuit in the morning and have it feel like you've just pulled it out of a bucket of ice. The idea of putting it on alone is enough to put you off surfing.

Yamamoto Neoprene has a unique closed cell technology that allows the material to dry much quicker than other materials.

Durability is also a massive factor. Wetsuits are a big investment as a surfer and they require a lot of energy and resources to build regardless of the material you use. Bearing this in mind we wanted to use a material that has been extensively tested and has proven itself in durability.

We have worked in the industry for decades and we truly believe that Yamamoto Neoprene performs better than any other material when looking for the above qualities. That's why Simpel chooses to partner with Yamamoto.

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