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What is Simpel Entry?

Our conscientious design spans across many elements of our suits, but one of our proudest features is Simpel Entry.

As our aim is to maximise the life span of each wetsuit, we have focused on elements that often give early on a wetsuit due to stress, weakening seams, junctions and materials. We have found that over the years, chest zip wetsuits have a stigma for being difficult to get in and out of, a lot of which really are. This is not only bad for the product but also means you spend more time exposed to the elements loosing vital core heat, which in cold climates you can ill afford.

It’s for these reasons we decided to focus on our entry system.

During our design process we worked on a range of solutions to overcome the issue of getting the wetsuit on and off quickly. Growing up in freezing waters teaches you the true importance of this. We needed to make a fast entry and exit from the wetsuit possible while making sure you retain a really good seal and without weakening any seams or joins.

"Been getting used for surf, bodysurfing and swimming. It has a premium feel and fit, easy to get on and off, and it allows me to move freely. An all round high quality wetsuit."


This process took time, but we feel we have found the balance. Our final product has been in the field for quite some time across multiple continents in all kinds of conditions, in the hands of individuals with a wealth of product knowledge, whose lives are centred around surf and the feedback has been great.

The conclusion? A wetsuit designed with Simpel Entry - super fast to get on and off while retaining a high level of warmth and durability.


"A high quality premium suit. Excellent build. Feels lovely on, quick to put on and looks solid. Flex in all the right areas and very warm. Highly recommend, without hesitation."


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